Although skin is touted as “the largest organ of the body” the fascia, which underlays the skin directly and is also wrapped around every organ of the body, is much larger and often ignored.  The fascia is the philosophy of the body, meaning it connects every organ to another organ.

We had a fabulous week in New York City for our Media Tour. One of our clients this week was Sonja Morgan, Star of Housewives of New York. She walked into our DMK Spa Suite at the venerable London Hotel New York and I immediately thought “thoroughbred.”

This year DMK Russia Face Facts style conference was hugely attended by long time DMK Dermatologists from all over Russia and the “stan” countries plus many new younger doctors.  The theme was showing combinations of new medical aesthetic innovations and DMK treatments .

For many years I have been campaigning to get this insidious drug removed and more and more doctors are joining the mission.

But we have to use common sense when confronted by a client who has been on the drug for a year or more and not be over cautious when conducting their DMK treatments, although when in doubt it is always better to error on the side of caution!

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