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At DMK we believe that everyone deserves the incredible confidence that comes from great skin.
Feelings of self-consciousness, poor self-esteem and anxiety that stem from skin conditions such as acne, aged skin, pigmentation, scarring, and reactive skin do not need to be endured.
From our laboratories, to our Skin Revision Technicians, DMK is committed, dedicated and passionate about helping to change people’s lives for the better, by changing their skin for the better. Even the toughest cases can be revised, it just takes the same commitment, dedication and passion from the clients.


At some point in their lives the majority of the population will experience acne. Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicle and its sebaceous gland in which dead cells block the follicle and trap bacteria and oil in the pore; forming pustules, cysts, blackheads, and scars. There is no single cause for acne to develop. It can be a genetic condition or triggered by internal/ external factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress, medications, and climate conditions. Not surprisingly, acne is often accompanied by low self-esteem, anxiety and depression amongst teenagers and adults. DMK’s sole purpose is to rebuild these people’s self-confidence from the outside in by designing bespoke treatments and dedicated Home Prescriptive regimens in order to not only rebuild their skin, but most importantly - rebuild their lives.

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Ageing and the changes that it brings are embraced and celebrated as a fundamental part of life at DMK. Signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin have two fundamental causes. The first cause is determined by an individual’s genetic makeup, while the second cause is outside influences such as environmental damage, free radicals and poor diet. DMK seeks to strengthen the skin against the ageing processes through aiding the skin’s declining enzymatic activity and enhancing its optimal function. No matter what point a person is along the ageing journey, DMK endeavours to help clients' skin to look as youthful as they feel within.

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For many people, pigmentation can feel like an uncontrollable condition to revise, as people are more susceptible to acquire pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation as they get older. There are two forms of pigmentation, ‘passive’ and ‘inflammatory’. Pregnancy, hormonal imbalances and medications are the main contributors to ‘passive’ pigmentation. In turn, ‘inflammatory’ pigmentation is the result of the skin’s natural defence mechanisms responding to trauma. DMK understands that pigmentation can cause feelings of insecurity and hopelessness and tackles every case with the determination to revise the skin and have their clients smiling as bright as their new bright and even skin tone.

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The frustration of having reactive skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea, which can ease only to flare up again, can make people feel powerless. DMK goes beyond calming the condition and focuses on bringing the skin’s function back so it can cease being reactive. Skin is not as fragile or sensitive as we are led to believe. It is a strong organ designed to protect us and it has the amazing ability to regenerate itself. DMK is determined to restore people’s confidence by taking back control of their skin by revising it to be active rather than reactive.

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Many physical scars may carry an emotional story that makes a person who they are. Although emotional scars may continue to be carried within, the physical scar can be successfully revised. Raised scars are formed when the skin’s defence mechanisms accelerate, quickly releasing new cells. Alternatively, if new cells do not develop quickly enough, pitted scars will form. Whether scar tissue is new or old, DMK has a solution; however, early intervention is highly recommended. DMK works to replace the damaged cells with stronger, firmer and healthier ones for smoother and more even skin that gives people the confidence to show who they really are.

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